Sponsor A Ticket


“A Little Help from a Friend” program. Survivors supporting Survivors! Pay it Forward and sponsor a ticket for a friend or a guest who needs support to come to our events.

How Do I Sponsor A Survivor? After you press the donate button below. You can choose the amount you would like to donate. You can stay anonymous or we can thank-you at the bottom of the page. Just let us know what you would like us to do. When you make your donation there is a button indicating if you want to send special instructions. Here you put your request or message. You can choose from our list of ideas who would benefit from coming to our event. You let us know we will honor your request.

Are you a business or company? We are happy to put you on our list of sponsors. Sponsors over $250 are part of our “Gratitude Pay it Forward Program.”

WHO DO YOU WANT TO SPONSOR? This is your Gift to support our Survivors less fortunate to participate in our events! Gift Donations go to pay for their participation covering the cost of meals and event expenses. We do not profit from this donation. 

  1. A local Veteran
  2. A local TBI (Brain Injury) survivor
  3. A local guest who is a survivor of any trauma
  4. A Guest from out of town who is disabled who needs some financial support to buy a dinner ticket or accommodation ticket. ( Our guest are trying to make there way to connect with other survivors and build relationships.)

Any amount you are comfortable with.

Just click the link below.

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